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Dr. Nathan C. Heilman, BS, DVM, CVA, VSMT (Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy)

Earned his B.S. from Cornell University and then a degree in Veterinary medicine from Cornell University in 1997.

He graduated from the International Veterinary Acupuncture course in 2004, becoming certified as a veterinary acupuncturist.

Since then he has studied Chinese veterinary herbal medicine intensively under the most qualified veterinary herbalists in North America.

Dr. Heilman, his wife Therese and their two children, Emmaline and Giles make their home in New Haven,VT.

Dr. Chant, her husband Lonny, and their two children, Layne and Clara, are excited to be moving to Vermont. Dr. Chant grew up in Connecticut, but spent a large amount of time as a child on her cousin’s dairy farm, thus developing a love for Vermont.  

Julia graduated from the University of Connecticut then attended Ross University Veterinary School, graduating in 2003. While practicing in Upstate New York, she discovered a passion for acupuncture and attended the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society certification course in 2005.  

In 2007, she moved back to New England as her family grew. During her time at a large referral practice, Julia developed a love for integrating traditional Chinese veterinary medicine into both wellness and hospice care but felt that more time should be available for client education.  

When not at work, Julia enjoys long distance running, skiing and spending time outside with family. The Chant family has two dogs, Luc and Rooney, and two cats, Mama Cat and Jones. They are hoping to have their coop ready for chickens in the spring; (just in time for “mud” season!)  

Karena Evarts

Karena is our head technician. She is a vivacious animal lover and a whirlwind of energy. Karena can often be caught singing or talking to herself or one of the many critters at Qi. She has been in the field for fifteen years and was certified back in 2005.

She resides with her partner Doug, her rescue dog Piper and two cats Ziggy and Zappa. Besides her love for animals, she enjoys the outdoors; hiking, kayaking, camping and skiing. 

Therese M. Fafard

Therese received her B.A. from Amherst College in 1984. She and Nate fell in love, first with each other and then with Vermont; they were married at Shelburne Farms in 2000.

Therese worked for twenty years in the Boston High-Tech/Internet scene before starting her own business consulting practice. This enabled her to work from home, move to Vermont, have kids and be there to raise them (in that order).

Therese oversaw the build-out of Qi Veterinary Clinic and can be found in the "back office" making salads at lunch or handling the Marketing, Advertising, HR, Insurance and Finances for Qi as well as A Time To Heal Chinese herbal distributorship.

Our Family: Nate and Giles, Emmaline and Mineau, Shoogs and Therese

Although our beloved golden retriever/yellow lab "Shoogs" is no longer with us, she will be missed and loved forever. Mineau, which is a French-Canadian endearment that means "cat" is still with us - when she's not out on one of her hunting benders at our neighbors barn, that is!

Can you spot the "stowaway" in this picture? (Hint: look to the left of Nate's arm. It also helps to know that we have a herd of Scottish Highlander cows that we rotationally graze around our property. They double as our lawnmowers or "grounds crew" as the UPS man has dubbed them.)